Dr. Zajac has a kind and approachable demeanour with my 2 children, and the support staff at Zajac Dental are always so personable and friendly. They are a really good group of girls!

Marsha M

I live in downtown Toronto. My neighbours and friends have asked me: Why do you go to Oakville to see the dentist? Not only do I go to Oakville, but so do my wife, my children and my mother. I always answer: If you had my dentist, you would drive to Oakville too.

In 2004, my grandmother (who was 94 years old at the time) had become very ill. Her dentures had shifted plus her mouth was full of sores and she had a gash on her gums. She was in a lot of pain, had lost a lot of weight and was simply too ill to be taken to a dentist’s office.

I called my regular dentist, but he said that he didn't make any house calls. I didn’t know what to do. He mentioned the mobile dentists service, but it was going to take too long to get an appointment and my grandmother was suffering.

We had a friend staying with us from out of the country who knew Dr. Zajac’s aunt, so our friend made one phone call and that same day Dr. Zajac arrived at our door.

We were shocked and amazed at his humanity and willingness to come over right away!

When he came by that night he met the family, introducing himself to our children and then he got to work.

Dr. Zajac realigned and cleaned my grandmother’s dentures and prescribed her a rinse to help heal the sores. About 3 visits later, Dr. Zajac came back with a brand new set of dentures.

Granny was happy – Dr. Zajac gave her back her smile.

About a month later, Granny became increasingly ill, contracted pneumonia and passed away 2 weeks later.

Whenever I think a lot about what he did for my grandmother, it actually brings tears to my eyes . He has a heart of gold. Dr. Zajac put a smile on her face and he alleviated her pain and discomfort. I will never forget what he did for her.

Then, I had a wisdom tooth that needed to come out. I remembered that Dr. Zajac had a “One Stop Shop” and that he was a ‘jack of all trades’ dentist. He was the only dentist I would go too. I made the appointment to have my wisdom tooth extracted.

Dr. Zajac gave me general anaesthetic (asleep dentistry) because I was always a little nervous about having to visit the dentist. When I woke up there was no pain and no swelling…to the point where I wondered if he had actually done anything – until my tongue felt the hole where the tooth used to be!

Our 3 year old daughter wouldn’t open her mouth for our family dentist, no way, no how. So, we took her to Dr. Zajac and she really liked it there and had no trouble opening up for him. I think it was because she remembered that he helped Granny and she took a real shining to him when they first met at our house.

Then our son started going to Dr. Zajac too. He even helped my Mom with her overbite by giving her braces. Basically our whole family goes to Dr. Zajac.

We all travel from downtown Toronto to Oakville because we are so happy with him and feel it is well worth the trip.

Dr. Zajac has a One Stop Dental Shop. He is an excellent dentist. I like that he is young, so he won’t go retiring on me anytime soon! There is no need to go anywhere else, hopping from specialist to specialist waiting for the next appointment can be agonizing. More often than not, he can look at the tooth and take care of whatever is needed right away.

Joseph Stec

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